Pause At The Avocados.

I met a crazy new guy friend today at the grocery store of all places.  I was a little embarrassed because I was just dressed in my comfortable clothes.   You know the sweats and old comfy boots that look like I’m in the Army.  So back to this guy, he was waiting for me to pick out my avocados. We kind of exchanged those awkward glances.  Then he blurted out “I like your tat” with a nervous tone in his voice.  It’s a cat on my arm so I know he was just starting conversation.  (Come to find out he has a cat too!)   Long story short, we exchanged numbers and continued on with our shopping. 

I was just getting home and my phone rang, it was him.  He said he couldn’t wait to talk with me again.  He asked if I could come down to a gym he owns a couple blocks from my apartment.  I think he was trying to show off by showing me he owned a business.  It worked!  I figured it was a public place and I’d go check it out.

When I got there it was more of a body building style gym.  You know the ones where they drink the Jacked 3d type energy drinks and “get ripped” with free weights.  Well I stood out like a sore thumb!  He met me at the door and gave me a nice tour of the place.  A real gentleman style if you will which was nice for a change.  We sat and talked for a while.  Mostly about the weather, news or our hobbies but I think it was a good start.

He’s picking me up tonight for dinner!